Event venue - LETŇANY

Mr. Tomáš Buzrla to have a speech at the ENERGO SUMMIT for the Solar Association, focused on the topic “Photovoltaics as a part of the modern power engineering system”

Ing. Tomáš Buzrla, Chairman of the Board of the Solar Association, has been active in the photovoltaic sector for more than ten years. Since 2004 he has been operating as the director of a company dealing with trading in emissions allowances. In 2007 he took part in foundation of the Energy 21 Company, which has become the largest private operator of solar power plants in Central Europe. Tomáš Buzrla has been in the post of Chairman of the Board of the Solar Association since November 2016. The Solar Association is the largest professional association of entrepreneurs in the sector of solar power engineering and other supporters of solar energy, building especially upon transparency and professionalism. It helps its members as well as those interested in the entry into the sector of solar power engineering to achieve compliance with various regulative obligations or to choose a good firm. At present the Solar Association associates more than 450 members from such sectors as production of panels and batteries, installation firms, servicing firms, firms offering solutions for electricity accumulation, operators of solar power plants, electricity traders, universities, research workplaces, financial institutions, banks etc., and the number of our members continues to grow permanently. That is why the Association represents more than 1,200 megawatts of capacities installed: from the smallest roof power plants to large solar parks. Through its activities it therefore covers more than one half of the Czech solar market.