„Intelligent solutions for mobility here and now“ will present Mr. Jan Šamal from nimble energy

Jan Šamal is an owner of nimble energy company, which is a pioneer in the area of modern power industry within the Czech market. He can boast his primacy in instalation and  putting into operation the first large capacity battery repository in the Czech Republic. Mr.Šamal is a co- founder member of Association for accumulation of energy AKU-BAT CZ. Thanks to his own integration services and wide offer of high quality recharging stations his company provides with complete intelligent solutions for recharging infrastructure counting of control systems for local consumption. Mr. Šamal is  a visionary with ambition to be contributive to change society – wide conditions in better perceiving and stance towards energy. Mr. Šamal is especially proud of new cloud  - portal nimble cloud designated for aggregation, analysis, comparation and transparent display of various energy data.