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Vladimír Vlk, representative of the Energy Regulatory Office, to deal with the Tariff Structure in his speech within the framework of the ENERGO SUMMIT

Ing. Vladimír Vlk, Member of the Board of the Energy Regulatory Office, completed his studies at the Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. He has been active in the power engineering sector for more than 35 years. His first employer in this sector was a power engineering company (currently ČEZ, a.s.), where he worked (till 1985) in the posts of the Twin Unit Manager and Chief Engineer in the field of operation of the power engineering units. From 1986 he worked at the Škoda Praha Company in the posts of Shift Engineer and Head of the Launching Group. Vladimír Vlk worked at ČEZ, a.s. (again) between 2014 and 2016, but at that time already as a Member of the Supervisory Board. During his career he was dealing especially with consulting activities for both companies and state institutions, he worked also in the post of an Advisor of the Minister of the Environment and at the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

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Mr. Rostislav Krejcar to explain the current situation and future of the support of renewable energy sources from the viewpoint of the Energy Regulatory Office at the ENERGO SUMMIT

Rostislav Krejcar will focus in his speech on the new management system of the Energy Regulatory Office, fulfilment of European objectives, notification process and future – tender proceedings.

Rostislav Krejcar completed his studies at the Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, with a focus on economy and power engineering management, where he acquired an academic degree as well. In 2002 to 2012 he was working at the Energy Regulatory Office in the field of electricity engineering, where he was on a managerial post from 2006. In the past, Rostislav Krejcar was a member of expert groups at the CEER and ERGEG in Brussels and in Vienna with a focus on renewable sources and international trade in transmission capacities. After leaving the Energy Regulatory Office he was on his paternity leave for a short time. Since 2012, Rostislav Krejcar has been working in a part-time job at the Czech Technical University, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, where he is the head of the subject “Development of Energy Systems”. Besides teaching activities, he was dealing with consulting activities in power engineering as a self-employed expert in 2013 – 2017.

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Mr. Bohuslav Čížek, Director of the Department of Economic Affairs at the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic, to speak on the topic “Energy Savings in the Czech Republic – Objectives and Tool”

The European legislation sets out objectives for energy savings, and the Czech Republic, like a number of other countries, has serious difficulty meeting these objectives. The legislative framework for the period till 2030 will be still stricter according to the proposals discussed. The study, which has been drawn up at the Confederation’s request, provides for a definition of particular measures for energy savings, identifies the potential of given measures in individual sectors, estimates the cost-efficiency of these measures and mainly calculates the general financial demands and total potential of energy savings in the Czech Republic between 2021 and 2030. The ambitious objectives, however, cannot be implemented without a form of a public support and in this context it is necessary to speak in a magnitude of hundreds of billions of Czech crowns. The Confederation is active in creation of optimum environment for investment in energy savings also in the present period and is an important intermediate link in the discussion between ministries and companies. In this matter we have issued, for examples, a common appeal on the Government of the Czech Republic – http://www.spcr.cz/pro-media/tiskove-zpravy/11528-plneni-evropskych-cilu- energetickych-uspor-je-pro-cr-kriticke. Within the framework of the Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness the Confederation intensively communicates with all parties and regularly comes with initiatives for a better setup of the Programme which should be (in terms of the volume and financial support) the backbone of the support of energy savings in this period.

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Dagmar Kuchtová, Director General of the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic, to speak on the topic “Transforming power engineering and priorities of the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic”

Power engineering has been undergoing a number of principal changes in recent years, which bring new requirements and appeals. The structure of resources is changing and it is possible to register various decentralisation trends. The growth of renewable sources requires stable and flexible base load sources. Another change factor consists of growing environmental requirements and regulatory environment. The Confederation is one of the main drivers of the discussion process and takes part, for example, in preparation of particular steps in the field of energy savings. We have commissioned a study which is unique at the European-wide level and has stirred up much interest also in Brussels. It is quite sure that capital expenditures aimed at energy savings will require hundreds of billions in the years to come. The Confederation endeavours to ensure transparency and foreseeability of the entrepreneurial environment in the power engineering sector and wants the Czech electricity sector to be able to cope with all important challenges it is about to face.

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Ms. Zuzana Krejčiříková to present energy efficiency as a part of the winter package of the European Commission in her speech at the ENERGO SUMMIT

Zuzana Krejčiříková, Director of the Public Affairs of the ČEZ Group, will focus her presentation on the setting up of objectives for the EU in the field of energy efficiency till 2030, on the context with the Regulation on the Governance of the Energy Union, as well as on the issue of the so-called overlays of policies and malfunctioning of the EU ETS.

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A representative of the Chamber of Trade and Industry for the Commonwealth of Independent States to speak at the ENERGO SUMMIT as well

One of the professional partners of the ENERGO SUMMIT is the Chamber of Trade and Industry for the Commonwealth of Independent States, which is a non-governmental, autonomous and independent legal entity, whose members can be both legal entities and natural persons; its membership base consists of industrial enterprises, commercial banks, insurance companies, as well as advisory firms. At present it includes approximately 150 entities. The Chamber works intensively with representative bodies of involved countries, accredited in the Czech Republic or for the Czech Republic, especially the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan, Azerbaidzhan, Armenia, as well as Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. An important place in the Chamber’s activity belongs to cooperation with Czech embassies in the involved countries. Ing. František Masopust, Chairman of the Board of the Chamber, will introduce, in his speech, the activities of the Chamber, position of the renewable energy sources in the energy mix of the CIS countries and possible forms of operation of Czech companies on the market of the CIS countries in the field of power engineering and renewable energy sources, including existing cases of cooperation.

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What are the prospects of energy storage development? To be answered at the ENERGO SUMMIT by Mr. Jan Fousek

Mgr. Jan Fousek is the Chief Executive Officer of the Association for Energy Storage and Batteries (AKU BAT CZ), which supports development of large-capacity energy storages in the Czech Republic, especially in the field of legislation changes. He operates also as the Chamber of the Supervisory Board of the Solar Association of the Czech Republic, where he is responsible for the European agenda, participation in international conferences and in delegations and contacts with media. He is a top manager of the Solar Global a.s. Group, one of leading Czech producers of photovoltaic energy, where he leads, from the post of a director, one of subsidiaries, the firm “Solar Global Energy a.s.”. He has been active on energy markets since 2007. The objectives of the AKU-BAT Association will be presented at the beginning of the lecture. The second part will be focused on challenges imposed by energy storage development in the Czech Republic, especially on amendments to the Energy Act, whose result should be at first the arrangement of storage facilities. Another challenge is the issue of the arising of licences for energy storage and setting up of conditions for determination of regulatory fees of the Energy Regulatory Office. The third challenge will be the change in the Transmission Grid Code, towards the release of conditions for provision of support services. The topic of the third part will be energy storage in an outlook of 10-20 years, which places emphasis on the combining of individual types of energy storage. The implemented projects will be presented at the end.

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Barbora Obračajová to present legal aspects of energy efficiency in the Czech legal order at the ENERGO SUMMIT

Barbora Obračajová is an articled clerk and a member of the team focused on energy law at the Prague-based law office “Dentons”. Besides legal advisory services in the energy sector, she deals also with environmental and regulatory issues and associated dispute agenda. She provided lectures at a number of academic as well as expert conferences, recently for example at the 27th Emissions Trading Conference on the topic of legal aspects of trading in emissions allowances and at the scientific conference of the American Society of International Law in Washington D.C. She graduated from the Law Faculty of Charles University in Prague, before starting to work for Dentons she worked as a paralegal at the Clifford Chance law office in Prague and she is registered as an articled clerk at the Czech bar Association and a member of the American Society of International Law and of the European Society of International Law.

In her presentation she will focus on legal aspects of energy efficiency in the Czech legal order. The presentation will be focused practically, i.e. on actual legal issues appearing in practice. The presentation will include also relevant decisions of courts and administrative bodies (for example application of an indicative criterion of efficiency provided for in the reference documents on BAT in the case of the Prunéřov Power Plant).

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This year, 233 exhibitors took part in this year's FOR INDUSTRY, FOR ENERGO Smart, FOR LOGISTIC, FOR SURFACE, FOR WELD, FOR INFOSYS and 3Dexpo fairs on a gross exhibition area of over 8,000 m2 and 7,612 professional visitors came there.


The fairs included a rich accompanying program, which took place during  the 4 trade fair days. It is worth mentioning  the Meeting of Leaders of Bohemian Export 2017, Dynamic Motorshow, and ENERGO SUMMIT.


Great thanks go to the exhibiting companies, which have created a great foundation for their presentation in the field of engineering technologies and related fields in the capital city of Prague.


Pictures from the event are available in the photogallery.

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The Prague industrial trade fairs appreciated technical innovations

A traditional part of the programme of the industrial trade fairs is the awarding of the best exhibited products or technologies with the GRAND PRIX award. Altogether 13 innovative exhibits have been registered in the competition this year, which the public could see at the FOR INDUSTRY, FOR SURFACE, FOR ENERGO Smart, FOR LOGISTIC, FOR WELD and FOR INFOSYS Trade Fairs.


Have a look at results as well as the winning exhibits.

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