Mr. Jan Fousek will have a speech for Association accumulation of energy AKU-BAT CZ

Jan Fousek is an executive director of Association for accumulation of energy AKU-BAT CZ, which supports development and exploitation of large capacity battery repositories. Mr. Fousek acts as a chairperson of supervisory board of the Solar association of the Czech Republic with responsibility for public affairs and EU agenda, participation in international conferences and delegations. Mr. Fousek as a representative of AKU-BAT CZ is a member of board of the Confederation of modern power industry, covering  all relevant professional associations. He is active in power industry since 2007, from 2011 up to 2016 he was a co-owner and executive director of one biggest and significant European trader with emission licences and electricity, company Virtuse Energy. He was a first businessman over the world, whose company entered to the beginning Chinese emission market and which thanks to his experiences gained in Europe helped to develop this market.